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Vouliagmeni. 30 meters dive in the Devil’s Blue Well.

Vouliagmeni. Dive into the Devil’s Blue Well. The story of the two missing American soldiers.

At the second port of Vouliagmeni there is a well. A hole 3 meters in diameter at 11 meters depth. At the end of the well there are protective rails that prohibit divers entering the submarine cave. The well is located in the middle of the bay, just beginning where the rocky sides end and the sandy bottom begins. Its position is marked by a red buoy roped to the bottom of the sea. The current that changes its intensity from time to time is usually weak and the diver responds to his intensity without much effort, and it is strong enough near the entrance of the tunnel.

There are enough divers who tried entering the tunnel and exploring it up to a point. From them there are some descriptions of the tunnel route. The tunnel runs straight and horizontally for a while and suddenly shows a steep slope down to a point where the current becomes extremely strong.

In the mid-70s, two US military officers attempted to dive and explore the undersea tunnel at the then American base of Hellenic area… Despite the concerted efforts of American and Greek frogmen, they were not identified and described as missing. In 1982, Speleologists – cave divers, taking all the internationally practiced safety measures, with the help of a large support group, explored the tunnel in quite a long length. In this particular “Diavolopigodo” survey the cave divers found the skeletons of the American divers (in their forms and equipment) wedged into tunnel slits in different places. They could not defeat the very powerful current that “sucked” them inward and finished their oxygen. The skeletons were handed over to the US Embassy. The point of entry into the water is mainly from the cement platform right next to the canteen of Lefteris.

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