Vergina, the “heart” of Macedonia. King Philip’s palace & tumulus from above.

Vergina and the archaeological site of Aegai from above.

Vergina is about half an hour away from Veria and 45 minutes from Naoussa. On the way, you will pass through the dam of Aliakmonas.

Vergina is very close to Aigai, the location of the ancient capital of Macedonia and the excavations of the archaeologist Manolis Andronikos (1976-1980), revealed very important findings.

The most important attraction of Vergina is the Royal Tombs in the ancient necropolis of Aegai. There is a museum with finds, just next to the tombs, covered with soil, as was the tombs for so many years. Passing through the entrance of the museum, in a dark environment, the visitors feels they are travelling to another era.

There are many exhibits in the museum, but the most important and most famous is the golden urn with the Macedonian star on it containing the bones of King Philip II and the golden wreath the dead man wore.

Apart from the royal tombs, in the archaeological site of Vergina, there are also the Ancient Theater, the Eukleion Sanctuary and the Palace.

Source: e-naousa.gr

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