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Thessaloniki. “Night walk at the nymph of Thermaikos”

A city myth of what we all want to visit even for once in our lives and much more to spend on it even one night of our lives.

A city that takes you from the first moment by its smell and its simple beauty. This is always the case in everything else. Simplicity.

Nice are the cities with the fabulous ancient monuments that travel you in time (not that Thessaloniki does not have them), but Thessaloniki travels to you through time playing with your mind and your senses.

Smells are the main reason for this. Research has shown that smell is the sense that impresses more information to the subconscious of the human brain and that Thessaloniki has many of them travelling you to many different destinations.

City smells, smells of the Pontus, smells of Epirus and smells of the East, create a rare blend that like it or not, you will not meet anywhere else.

If you are a visitor of the city, your day will roll so fast you will not believe it and although you are in a big city, the only thing that will remind you of is the huge traffic on the streets at peak times (if at last the METRO is completed…).

And then, while the day is leaving, the ultimate feast comes. The night in Thessaloniki. It could also be referred to as the Mecca of nightlife in Greece.

Do not imagine that the city is flooded by frantic citizens who blow out all night dancing and drinking. No, the night in Thessaloniki is unique just because in the evening all beautiful ladies (and Thessaloniki is one of them also), those that are beautiful by nature are adorned as much as (we said the simplicity is the thing), they wear their beautiful perfumes and take a stroll to enchant the crowd.

We could talk to you for hours about Thessaloniki but if you have not visited it, we recommend it unreservedly and certainly someone you know and knows the city, could confirm our words.

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