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The Mechanics of the Corinth Canal. How Sinking Bridges Work.

The Mechanics of the Corinth Canal. How Sinking Bridges Work.

Have you ever considered the sinking bridges of the Isthmus of Corinth?

So do we. We have been preparing this for a long time now. In fact, we wanted to go our whole project one step further by adapting to the sinking bridge two action cameras in order to have a view of their sinking.

Of course the image from above is revealing again and our drone in connection with the ideal weather conditions prevailed (apnea), also gave us amazing pictures.

When the shooting was completed and we got the material from the action cameras, we stayed with our mouth open. Mullets, seabreams, ballas and various other fish had taken a leading role in our underwater shots.

The sinking bridges of the Isthmus of Corinth are two. One is located in Posidonia (this refers to the one linking Corinth to Loutraki) and the other to Isthmia. The bridge of Poseidonia is the one with the most traffic as the inhabitants of the two cities use it to save many kilometers from what they would do if they needed to make it around.

Poseidonia’s Bridge is also the one with the largest tourist traffic, since thousands of tourists visit it and wait for it to sink in order to make the crossing of a ship and then to emerge.

The depth that each bridge sinks is about 11 meters.

We greatly thank the workers in the Corinth Canal for their excellent hospitality and cooperation.

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