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The Marathon road outdoor gun-powder store. The world’s largest tinder is in Rafina.

Between Rafina and Mati, one year after the inconceivable tragedy that our country has experienced, an unprecedented “crime” is evolving.

“Premeditated crime” or another dangerous negligence?

The picture speaks for itself and the conclusions are yours.

In over 15 acres, some have laid down cut trees and branches while the wall formed by them on Marathonos Avenue exceeds a height of 10 meters.

Woods, logs and branches from the great fire that burned Mati and cost lives to 102 human beings.

At the same time, at Mati area, the same tragic image prevails with branches and tree trunks forming mountains.

This particular plot of land with hundreds of tons of timber is on Marathon Avenue, completely exposed to any weather phenomenon and without the slightest fire protection (maybe there is not even water in it).

Whoever responsible, must do something immediately because next time there will not be the slightest excuse for anyone.

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