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The magical wreck beach with the sand tongue

Epanomi Shipwreck. A beautiful beach, just a short walk from Thessaloniki.

The 2 beaches are essentially separated by the natural edge in the area. When the coast has waves on the other shore the sea is calm. This allows swimmers to swim in calm and safe waters every day.

The second point of interest near the edge is “Navagio” (Shipwreck) beach. It is a real wreck that happened around 1970 and still remains at the bottom of the beach, very close to the shore!

The wrecked ship transported tons of soil in order to rely it on the of rare beauty Epanomi’s biotope for the purpose of tourism development.
But on the day of St.Antony celebration in 1970 the ship sank and was abandoned by the company there.
Since then it has remained in the waters and is considered to be a “tourist attraction”

Source: George Sal

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