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Such beauty can only be found in Epirus (2018 edition)

Two words:

We are not the most suitable to talk about Epirus.

Maybe due to our ancestry, maybe due to our experiences, maybe due to our memories of these places and the relatives and friends we meet whenever we manage to get close to them.

Epirus for Up Drones is like Ithaca for Odysseus. Our own Ithaca!

That’s why our slogan is that “Such beauty only fits into Epirus”

In this video we share with you the places we visited this summer.

This year we said we should move to the West of Epirus and to places with a separate substance for us.

Dracolimni, Parga, Sivota, Bella Vraka, Acherontas estuary, Konitsa, Panagia Stomiou, where for the first time was Saint Elder Paisios and finally the Stone ghost of Epirus,  the Old Mavronoros were our stations.

All of this comes in detail through separate videos for each part.

But until then, enjoy a special Epirus from above.

PS: The video contains the minaret at Aslan Mosque inside the castle of Ioannina, which collapsed from the passage of Cyclone Zorba the previous days.

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