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A powerful castle in the place of Kiafas of Souli, built by Ali Pasha to prevent the resettlement of Souliots in the area.

The inhabitants of the village of Tetrachori of Souli, when they were in danger, fled as a last refuge in the hill of Trypa, where there was first a tower (Koulia) in the place of Kiafa and had water (the war of 1792). In 1803, the Sullians conquered, the monk Samuel burst into Kugi, on the opposite hill from the monk Samuel, and the Soulians had their adventurous excursion to Parga, Zalogo and the Seltsos monastery.

After these events, Ali Pasha built a strong castle on Kiafa to prevent the fearless Souliotes settle in the area again. The castle was built on the Bira or Hole Hill, in a wild place that had access only from the East.

Structural, Architectural, Fortification info
Walls and polygonal ramparts, two gates, firecrackers, light weapons gates, Ali’s serpentine, loose communication corridors, warehouses, two cisterns, intermediate bastions, and anything that contributed to effective defense, made the castle strong and reliable.

Source: Tassos D.Everything

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