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Epirus. Papigo – Drakolimni. The Greek Game of Thrones scenery that enchants everybody.

We live in the most beautiful country of the world, we believe it we support it and we speak it out loud.

Perhaps the most stunning scenery in Greece hiding at the tops of Epirus and it is no other than Drakolimni and Papigo which is also the last stop of every climber – walker before taking the long way to Drakolimni.

4 hours walking. So far away lies the most beautiful scenery of Greece from culture. In any case however, the result will excite even the most demanding visitor.

The scenery that will be set before you compares only to that of the famous Game of Thrones TV series.

Here, however, no director and no visual effect is needed to fasten you.

The name Drakolimni refers to the alpine lakes formed mainly in the mountains of Epirus.

One Drakolimni is positioned at alpine meadow Tymfi at an altitude of 2,050 m. NW of Ploskos peak (2.377 m.), NE Astraka peak (2.436 m.) S of Stomio monastery which is 3.5 hours and WNW of the Gamila peak (2.497 m), which is also the highest peak of Tymphi.

It is a bustling mountaineering destination and is known for the alpine Tetons that hosts its waters. The lake is 1 hour’s walk from the organized shelter of Astrakas and 4 hours of hiking from Mikro Papingo. Access is only possible on foot.

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