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Edipsos. The dreamy spa town of Evia with the world’s oldest thermal springs.

2km north east of Edipsos thermal springs, lies the village of Edipsos. Almost united with the thermal springs area, due to its residential activity, with its beautiful houses and landscaped gardens, stands out for its picturesque beauty and its nobility.

The area has been known since antiquity. According to Stravon, Hercules acquired his divine power in the waters of the springs of Edipsos. “About Edipsos thermal” is called by Aristotle in his “Meteorological”.

During Roman Age it was frequently visited by Augustus, Adrianus and General Sillas. Immediately after the abolition of the Roman state, it collapsed, to be destroyed by the Turks in 1814.

The recovery of the baths began in 1887. There are about 60 springs in Edipsos with a significant water supply of 34-71.2 degrees Celsius.

The origin of this superheated water is due to the great rift of the Northern Evoikos. So do not wait. Just one and a half hours from Athens you will be in Arkitsa and from there by ferry boat, in 40 minutes, Edipsos is waiting for you to rejuvenate and give you moments of rest and relaxation.

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