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Konchi (niche). The hidden southern beach of Salamis with the lighthouse that will travel you to the Aegean Sea.

Up Drones. Salamis has always been the island of the “poor” of Attica.

An island that nature managed to endow with countless beauties on its beaches and beautiful mountainous volumes.

Until the time that the thousands of Athenians began to rebuild it with incredible pace and worst of all, with complete anarchy and casuality in order to acquire summer residences.

Later on, the uncontrolled industrial strain of the area came from the hundreds of small shipyards that exist on both the island and Perama (Piraeus), from where one takes the boat to the island.

In the last few years, however, the Athenian crisis has been a reason for the Athenians to re-discover Attica, since the trips have been limited by cost, a little bit due to Psitaleia, which gave breath and life again to the Saronic Gulf, a little bit due to taking advantage of some of the island’s remarkable beaches, Salamina has once again become a favorite destination for many.

Nevertheless, there are some stunningly beautiful and unexplored corners. One of these is the Konchi Beach, which is well hidden beneath the magnificent stone lighthouse that dominates the area.

The Konchi is the southernmost beach of the island and this makes it automatically one of the cleanest if not the cleanest.

A natural harbor that protects swimmers from both the North and the South. A natural swimming pool that will give you an unforgettable experience.

Just discover it.

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