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Agiofarago canyon and the hidden Lake from above

When the nature “speaks” man is silent and only his breath and the beatings of his heart can have a place in this dialogue of the awe of senses and absolute harmony…

Agiofarago, the steep caves, the enchanting beach and the well-hidden lake, Vourvoulitis, are just there to remind us of what our position is in this greatness of nature.

On the southern coast of Heraklion, thousands of years ago, a huge cave was demolished and the imposing Agiofargo was created. Full of caves, steep rocks and difficult access, it was the ideal place for ascetic life. Since the Minoan period, there are findings of human presence and later in Christian times, dozens of monks practiced in the caves in the rocks of Agiofarango and it is neither accidental the name of the gorge nor the chapel dedicated to St. Anthony the ascetic.

Well hidden by nature, which one can only see from above if he does not know where it is, there is the imposing Vourvoulitis Lagoon. An opening on the steep cliffs with the lake that communicates underground with the sea and has brackish water.

Next to the beach there is a path leading to the rock of Vourvoulitis. But it takes a lot of attention because the rocks of the Limnovarathro are steep and need full attention.

The flight over Agiofarago and its hidden Lake is in itself a unique experience. Share it with us and let nature talk…

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