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A wonderful flying trip over Chalkidiki

” Nothing like Chalkidiki,” the North Greeks says, and they know something. Prepare to bow to the charm of the three “legs”: Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos. The first two do not discriminate. The third is forbidden for women, as it hosts the famous monastic Mount Athos. What does Chalkidiki mean? Emerald beaches, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, small seaside settlements with fish taverns and cafes, beach bars in coves, archaeological sites with great history, traditional villages in Sithonia, the Petralona cave in Kassandra. Chalkidiki is a small “wonderland”. Explore it with all your senses.

It is worth seeing in Chalkidiki

Dreamy dives under the pine trees
Pine trees up to the beach, white sand, dreamy coves, turquoise waters, hidden coves. The beaches of Chalkidiki are as many as the options: infinite. Do not count, just take a map and note: Kavourotrypes, Small and Big Walnut, Kalogria, Kryopigi, Agios Mamas, Sani … Dive into their untold beauty.

Source: Discover Greece
Video source: geo kok

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